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Links to Maps of Vermont

Official Town Highway Maps
State Road Maps  -   Scans of the state road maps www.state.vt.us/vtmap/vtmap.htm
Vermont Agency of Transportation   Other maps.   http://vtransmap.aot.state.vt.us/omc/default.htm
Vermont Center for Geographic Information  - Free on-line outline maps. http://www.vcgi.org/
Vermont Mapping Program - Air Photos etc     www.state.vt.us/tax/mappingproducts.shtml

Vermont Local Roads - Local Technical Assistance Program


Links to Help For Towns on Old Roads Issues        State & Other Resources
Ancient Roads Research Grants         www.dhca.state.vt.us/Planning/AncientRoadsGrantProgram.htm
Starting in September, 2006, Vermont Towns can apply for funding assistance

Vermont Society of Land Surveyors        www.vsls.org
Many land surveyors are well equipped to do old roads research. See also a listing at the site above.

Links to Other Old Road Sites
Vermont's First Road - Crown Point Road Site      http://www.crown-point-road.org


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