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Old Road Maps
Many old Vermont maps show roads. Here we discuss published maps - statewide maps and detailed town maps. The statewide maps are generally older maps, but have less detail.  The town maps are very detailed.

Statewide Road Maps
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Detailed Town Road Maps
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The oldest published maps typically show only major routes.  Below is a section of one of the "Statewide" road maps. We have prepared several of these early maps for free download.

Commercial vendors published detailed maps of Vermont in the 1800s, followed by the USGS topographic mapping starting in 1893.

                Killington Area
his 1856 map excerpt shows railroads converging on Rutland, and the main road leading northeasterly to Killington - today's Route 4.

Rutland in 1854
The 1850s and 1870s commercial maps showed and named every house and business.
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