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Old Road Maps
Detailed Town Maps
The most useful maps for research are detailed maps which are generally not available on line.
County wall maps
 (All towns on 11 wall maps)
"Beers" atlases

(all towns on 11 county atlases)
First USGS maps.   1893-1951
(62 "quad" sheets)
In the 1850s and the 1870s commercial mapmakers produced very detailed maps showing roads and house sites with names.  Later, beginning in the 1890s, the US government topographical maps were issued. These maps had many more details and were more accurate than the commercial maps. They showed buildings, but no owner names.

The 1850s and 1870s maps are available at major libraries in Vermont, but are not available on-line.  The USGS maps are on-line at the University of New Hampshire's web site www.docs.unh.edu/nhtopos/nhtopos.htm , though these scans are in 4-sections per original map. All of these maps are also available for purchase through the publisher of this web site at www.old-maps.com. That site offers CD copies on a statewide or county basis.  The publisher also offers, for a fee, sets of individual town map prints.


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