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Writings on Old Roads
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On this page we offer access to writings on Vermont's old roads. Most are by Attorney Paul Gillies, who practices law in Montpelier, and as made old roads issue his specialty.

How to Find Ancient Roads by Paul Gillies (2005)
This simple 4-page leaflet discusses in a general way the methods used to research old town roads. Published by the Vermont Institute for Government in 2005.  For a free download click here (it is a small PDF file).  (Paul Gillies is a Vermont Attorney who has developed an expertise on road issues in Vermont.  He has written several monographs on road issues. He is a partner in the Montpelier firm of Tarrant, Marks and Gillies)
Ruminations by Paul Gillies. (ca. 2003) A nice non-legal 8-page article in which Gillies summarizes the problems of Vermont's "sleeping roads". Click here to download this small PDF file.
Planning for Ancient Highways (2006)  Vermont League of Cities and Towns.  A 14-page document with an excellent explanation of what the Ancient Roads law means and a timeline chart. 
Victoria Weber's Bethel ancient roads report.  Ms Weber describes the process of researching the old roads in her Windsor County town.
Huntington's Use of Scanning to Speed up Study of Old Town Records

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